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Modern Debugging Tips and Tricks

With the rise of mobile devices, web development and debugging is more complex than ever. We have more browsers and platforms to support. We have more screen sizes and resolutions. And we’re building in-browser applications instead of the flat, brochure-ware sites of yore. Luckily, we also have better tools. The JavaScript console is a standard […]

Now You See Me

A note from the editors: We are delighted to present an excerpt of Aaron’s new book Adaptive Web Design. Perhaps the most heavily-repeated pattern in JavaScript-based page manipulation is showing and hiding content. Tabbed interfaces. Collapsible elements. Accordion widgets. It crops up nearly everywhere. In and of itself, this pattern is not a bad thing, […]

Web Cryptography: Salted Hash and Other Tasty Dishes

One of the most powerful security tools available to web developers is cryptography—essentially a process by which meaningful information is turned into random noise, unreadable except where specifically intended. Many governments tightly regulated cryptographic software until relatively recently. But cryptography is simply applied math, and it’s proved impossible to suppress. A web developer working on […]